Wrap It Up! Gift Packaging

Posted 4 years ago

This simple gift wrap idea takes minimal time and looks great! using basic white or craft paper gift bags from the dollar store, some stamps and basic acrylic craft paint. Generally I prefer to wrap gifts in paper as it is funner to wrap and I like the look better, BUT sometimes you need a bag to gather together the 5 little gifts you got a person an need to keep track of, thus a bag does have its place. 
I used some foam stamps i have had forever and some of my millions of craft paints (which you can also get from dollar store) plus some glitter and glue and BAM, awesomeness  besides buying the bags themselves I had no additional cost to doing this as I have had the supplies on hand for a very very long time. 

 This Rudolph I used a foam stamp, green acrylic paint, waited for it to dry (5 min) the took a fine tip Martha Stewart glue pen and coloured in the nose and glittered it red. very simple but so cute looking. 

I also did some Candy Canes in the same manner, stamping red, waiting for it to dry and then filled the white spots with glue and clear iridescent  larger flake glitter. 

 Lastly a few snowflake bags, for this I glittered while the paint was still wet embedding glitter into the image and skipping glue all together. 

Happy Wrapping!

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