Weekend Baking: Sugar Pin wheel Cookies

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This weekend I decided to do some test baking for my daughters 2nd Birthday Party coming up on July 1. It also worked well that this was fathers day weekend so I could give some to my husband and father as a gift. SO instead of doing everything in pink orange and yellow (the colours of the party) I used blue and green, boy colours. I was watching some video tutorials from Sweetopia and got major inspired to try making a Sugar Cookie and fully icing it with Royal Icing. The motif of this party is the paper Pin-wheel so I wanted to make pin wheel shaped cookies and so I searched for a cookie cutter. None Existed. In my search though I came across Madd Bakes and her Pinwheel cookies. She made a template from a cereal box and cut around it. I decided I was going to just cut each by hand. 
First I started off making all the dough. I have the standard smaller size Kitchen Aid and it was barely big enough so don’t think about doubling up or anything. I then rolled it out in between 2 pieces of parchment like suggested and stuck it in the fridge for a couple hr until I was ready to roll more and cut.  This turned into a VERY lengthy process for me. I rolled it to the correct thickness, cut out my 4″x4″ squares. I then took my 8″ chef knife and made registration marks for future cutting. I think for future use I am going to try dental floss to make the marks. they hopefully wont be so deep (I am afraid that the marks will create fracture points in the cookie and give a place for it to break) and I can go across more cookies at one time. 
I know it might be hard to see so I enhanced this picture.The green is the outline of the cookie and the blue are the score/registration/guide lines. 

I then put the cookies back in the fridge for 20-30 min. I needed to move them apart to finish the cutting but they were so warm by now I could not move them without them distorting. I cut them using guidelines on my knife and the registration marks. The basic cuts were small right angle isosceles triangles off the corner to the middle. I highlighted it in red here for you.

I did end up flipping a few cookies over to cook (hence why you cant see the lines) because I was afraid of the cracking but I wont do that again. the guidelines REALLY help in the decorating and they didn’t seem to be a hindrance after all. 
Then it was back into the fridge for MORE chilling (atleast 1 hr to prevent spreading). I dont know about you but my fridge is JAM PACKED and I could only put 2 trays in at a time. I started making cookies at 10pm and went to bed at midnight with still 2 trays of cookies and the left over scraps that needed cooking the next morning. (I just flattened a ball of scraps and cut it roughly into triangles and cooked them to satiate my cookie monster husband). I did have a good amount of breakage. trying to get them off the trays too early, crap luck etc. 
Next the Decorating! I made my royal icing according to directions and tested the constancy using the 10 second rule Marian of Sweetopia shows in a video tutorial here. I loaded 1 bag with white, took some out and tinted it green, loaded a bag and took the rest and made it light blue, loaded a bag, then dark blue. I then realized the consistency had changed drastically even though I had covered the bowl with a damp towel as directed. I guess just time dried it out. So I added water until it was correct again (probably a whole tsp, that’s how off it was). I realized then that the white would be good, the green probably ok but the light blue was screwed. no good for flooding at all. SO that’s my take away. check consistency AFTER tinting and before loading your bag. 
I am not going to go into detail on how to decorate as Marian does such a good job both on her site and her you-tube channel so ill just show you the results. I love the dragged look and when you can see the outline. Generally I like no outline but I find in this design it almost needs it. There was some that I did some dots first let it dry and then filled in with another colour and this was much harder then I thought. If you want to do something like that I would suggest flooding with a thinner consistency and making it nice and chunky to start off with using a larger tip. One cookie I did squiggles and then filled it in and they basically disappeared with the flooding. I would point it out to you but its missing here as my daughter stole it. 

Which leads me to the second point. Don’t leave a room full of cookies with a 2 year old in it. Even if your husband says he is watching her. You might end up with this in a couple cookies.
I also made a blue ombre cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream which I was going to include in this post but think you are probably tired of reading now so ill show it to you next week.

I made the dough Friday while my daughter napped and I worked on cookies till just about dinner time  Saturday night. I also baked the cakes Saturday and then probably took 2.5 hrs Sunday to make chill and decorate cakes. Its was really a whole weekend of baking. 

Happy Crafting! 
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  1. June 29, 2012 at 11:29 pm

    Love the pinwheels!

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