Violet turns 1

Posted 4 years ago

I cant believe my baby is a baby no more. She is officially a toddler.

I am not going to blather on about how emotional I am because anyone who has had a child knows how this feels, and anyone who doesn’t will never fully understand. What I am going to do is show you pictures from her party and share some recipes. 

First up is the shirt I embellished for her. You may or may not remember the cupcake shirt I made for her sister. I cut a cupcake out of felt, hand decorated and sewed it on sequined etc etc. I put a lot of work into Evelyn’s shirt. Sorry to say I did not put nearly as much work into gold glitter heat transfer vinyl number 1 to the centre of the cupcake that was on the shirt. Results are almost as cute as the chick wearing it but not quite. 

I admit given all that has gone on around here I was not up to a party, and neither were my guests its seems with only 8 people showing up, so I did not do as much from scratch as I usually do.

I purchased some premade shortbread cookie rounds from the grocery store and then iced them. The Ones with sprinkles Evelyn did and the ones with plaid like lines I did, and then the ones with flowers I did using some royal icing flowers I made years ago and have had in storage. Oh the joys of Royal icing, it does not go bad! by far the flowers were my fave. 

I did make cupcakes myself with a mixture of candy pearls (like giant sprinkles) and flowers on top. I used these cute ruffled (instead of pleated) cupcake cups by wilton that were super cute but make them HUGE, like muffin sized cupcakes. I only got 12 cupcakes per batch, vs normally 24+. 

I recently became an Epicure Selections Consultant so I have been going to town making epicure stuff.  We have been LOVING the mini doughnut maker to make tasty fresh baked doughnuts. I used the basic Best Baked Doughnuts Recipe for all my doughnuts and then decorated them differently. 
I chocolate dipped some using the glaze in Epicures Black and White Doughnuts but I have to say I didn’t love it. too much like a ganashe than a true glaze. Its really the first thing from Epicure that I was not impressed with. If i were to attempt this again in the future I would try Alton Browns Glaze
Evelyn did the sprinkles, I did the gold edible glitter. 

I also did the basic confectioners sugar powered doughnut which is addictivly delicious. In behind you can also see the cinnamon sugar ones which were also really really good. 

My wonderful sister in law brought some platters for me

And of course I made some Epicure Extraordinary Cheese Dip.

And here is the birthday girl with her uncle.

And Finally cupcake time in which she covered herself in icing and went straight to the bath. she did a great job blowing out the candle with daddy.

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  1. October 19, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    Everything looked delicious (that cheese dip gets me every time I go to an Epicure party!), and I love V’s cupcake eating technique. Classic!

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