Valentines Tea for Two

Posted 5 years ago

So all us Pinners out there have seen it. The DIY painted porcelain projects that look so good just using a marker. simple, good looking, great gift. Well here it is one step further. 

this design was inspired from looking at Martha Stewart’s Version and made this pair for my husbands Grandparents for Christmas, but this would make a lovely valentines gift. 

I went to the Value Village and purchased some plain white mugs in good condition in a selection of sizes. New ones can also be purchased from the dollar store if you are looking for multiples. I got lucky on the ones above. I went to Michales to get a porcelain paint marker and they dont sell them anymore!!! I could get big packages, or transparent, but not opaque black. So I decided to get a fine point Martha Stewart Porcelain Paint instead. Only they were out of black in that too! That’s what I get for leaving it so close to Christmas! So I got this, which is actually a dark grey, its almost black and I have to say i kinda like it better anyway! 

Added to this wonderful china was a custom selection of teas. I went to the local Bark Barn and purchased  a selection of bulk teas then printed out tags with the name and ‘happy holidays from the halls’ on them and had them cut out by my Silhouette Cameo. I use food safe bakers twine to tie them up and used a needle to go through the edge of the bag.  

For my friend Jen:

for my father in laws girlfriend:

For my neighbour:

Its a relativity simple gift that you can customize and have a good time with. 

Happy Crafting! 

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