The Epic Quilt Project

Posted 5 years ago

 So probably a year or 2 ago I saw this ragged edge quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts, and decided I wanted to make one like it for Evelyn when she got her big girl bed. I though it looked like a fairly simple quilt since the base of it was just 9″x9″ squares and the others are sew on top and are not super precise and given that this would be the first quilt I have ever made I figured not having to worry about exacting standards would be a good thing. So I started collecting fabrics, fat quarters, quarter yards, ends etc. I did not quite have enough so I hit up Etsy and purchased a bunch more. Crazy Mom used 13 fabrics in pinks and her quilt was much smaller, maybe crib sized. I used  MANY fabrics in pink and orange tones. I honestly have NO idea how many I used. Some fabrics only have 1 or 2 squares made with it, some are repeated several times. Maybe some time when I have nothing better to do I will count them all, but likely not as I never have nothing better to do.  

Just a note, pictures in the post are all over the place as I worked on it over a few months at day and night. 

I did mine a bit differently then Crazy Mom. I though I could cut down some steps by sewing the 9×9’s all together and then sewing back to front with batting in between THEN sew on 6″ and 3″ squares to effectively cut out having to do more quilting later. I figured worst case scenario if I found i needed to do more quilting after I could.

I started by cutting out my squares. I had purchased a 12×12 quilters grid thing for cutting and borrowed my moms rotary cutter. I wish I had purchased a larger grid. They are fairly expensive but a larger one is more useful for general sewing and I find I wish I had a larger one but cant afford to go purchase another, should have just got the first one bigger and been done with it.

After I had all the squares cut out and the little one was in bed where she couldn’t disturb what I had to do I laid out my pattern on the floor. I wanted it to be fairly random but without pieces repeating in the same row or column and not too close together.

I just barely had enough room on my floor to lay out the 8 square x 10 square pattern.  I then wrote row # on the first square of each row with my sewing chalk and gathered them up and sewed each piece in the row together into strips, then sewed all the strips together 
Next I basted the front to the back using the directions given here.  I forgot my camera for this step. I don’t have a floor big enough that isn’t carpeted to do this on so I did it at my parents house on the entryway floor and forgot my camera for the trip. I tried my best to line up the seam of the back fabric with the center seam of the front with varying levels of success. I then Stitched in the ditch along each square attaching the front to the back. I then laid it out again and arranged the 6″ and 3″ piece on top of the base. This I did again at my parents house, only this time with a toddler and dog running around messing things up. My mom and I tagged teamed it I would put on the pieces and she used the curved pins to pin them all in place. 
You can kinda see some of them here. this is when I was mid way through sewing the top layers on. the flopped over ones are the ones that are pinned in place. 
Next I sewed the 6″ and 3″ ones In place. For the most part I arranged them both and using regular sewing pins pinned them in place, I then sewed the 3″ square then the 6″ square. Given I have a regular sewing machine and not some long armed specialty quilting machine this was a challenge towards the center as there was a lot of fabric to try to shove into the arm but it worked out ok. I don’t think if I tried to make any thing larger then a twin I would be successful. This is the part that took the longest I think. I got started on it and after HOURS of work there was very little done. At best I was getting 8 squares finished in 1 hour. There were 80 squares. That translates to 10 HOURS of stitching tiny squares. I take on a lot of sewing projects but the truth is I don’t have a lot of patience for sewing. Crazy rolled paper art, sure, hand cutting pinwheel cookies, no problem. But sewing can suck it. SO I actually walked away and didn’t sew any for a couple months. I then realized she would have her big girl bed very shortly and got back at it.

Last step was binding off. I didn’t want to have to make my own seam binding tape as having to cut long lengths of fabric precisely and then sewing it all together and ironing it perfectly was just not going to happen.  Making my own binding could suck it. My mom was thinking I should use satin seam binding because kids like it but that stuff tends to not last very long and I wanted this thing to be a keep sake and last generations (big dreams eh?). So I bought double fold seam binding tape by the yard. Its much tougher than the satin and should stand the test of time. 

First I sewed close to the edge of the fabric so all the edges would be secured to the backing and I could trim the edges. I think with out getting up to go check, all folded over the seam binding is something like 3/4″-1″ wide. I wanted a wider width because I didnt want to have to deal with small seam allowances and I knew I had 1 square that was like 1/4″ short on the edge (dont ask how, I have no idea) 
Then I started on the seam binding. I opened it up and sewed the edge of the tape to the edge of the quilt at about 1/4″. 

Yeah for more night photos!!
At the corner I stopped at 1/4″ from edge, reinforced it and snipped it off. Fold binding into a 90 degree right angle and pressed it down with my fingers.

Then fold it back on itself and pinned it down. the fold is under what you see here. This gives a nice finished mitered corner.

I continued all the way around. On the back side I folded it back up to how it looks finished and did a top stitch about 1/4″ from the edge of the binding. this also locked the back to the front , top stitching both sides. 
And its DONE! Well that’s a lie.  After you wash it there is more work. 

Washing it makes it fray on the edges, which is part of the charm of this quilt. You have to take some scissors and trim up all the edges. I will likely have to do this after a couple washing’s.

NOW it done done and Evelyn has it in her big girl bed. 

And Yes I know her room is quite bare and spartan right now but I am in the progress of decorating and turning it from one little girls room, to a nursery and big girl room all in one.

Happy Crafting! 
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    I love your method vs. CrazyMomQuilts! I had pinned this quilt years ago for my little girls big girl room and I am planning to start in the next month or so. Your quilt turned out beautifully and gives me hope that mine will look the same!

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