Super Gifts for a Super Boy

Posted 2 years ago

This past summer my friends son turned 3 and I wanted to hand make a gift for him. So I made him a super hero. Because what little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero. Correction, what male does not want to be a super hero, my husband still does! I made him a cape, a shirt, and a shirt with a cape. I know, super cool.
So first off I made a plain shirt with POW on it. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out some Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) to make it. First time I had made something with layers of HTV on top of each other. For some reason the POW did not stick properly. wiggled and was a hot mess. I dont think the brand of HTV I got was the best but such is life! the yellow and white (glow in the dark) were fine though…

Next I made a cape with a glow in the dark background and a red letter E for his name.  Its a flannel with a cotton lining. I basically sewed a big square, lined it and ironed the E on it the put some velcro on it. simple.

Here it is on Evelyn, who is the same age as him, being my model.

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