Simple Handmade Gifts for Baby Girl

Posted 4 years ago

Last week I shared with you a blanket I had made for a friend and her new baby girl, this week I am sharing the rest of the gifts I made for her. 

First I made this dress. I had made the same one for my daughter in purple using Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend  and  a pattern from Lion Brand Yarns Pattern L0052AD

Just for reference here is my daughter Violet at almost 2 months old in her dress along side her big sister Evelyn.

Next I made some little booties to match in colour Lion Brand Pattern 60088  I had to modify it a bit to do 2 contrasting colours and then made up a better button hole. for the strap I did both the Strap and Button Tab in grey and made the button hole by binding off 2 then casting on 2 in the next row.

I also made a hat but did not have time to photograph it before sending out the package. its pretty basic, yellow rim/cuff, and grey top. I used pattern Lion Brand L20402

Then I made some bibs. I had done so for Violet using materials on hand and some extra quilt batting from making Evelyn’s Quilt. I followed a pattern I found on someone elses blog but didnt love it. So I took a bib I did Like that I owned and copied it via a large shett of paper (tabloid size) and traced it, adjusting as I saw fit. I will try and figure out how to post a pattern you can download and post it if ya’ll are interested. These are double sided and accented with laces, eyelet ruffles and satin ribbon. 

And of course last weeks post about the blanket made up the set.

I also made a crib sheet which you can see in the first photo but I did not photograph. I don’t have good lighting in Violets room for pictures So I am hopping that my friend will provide some photos later!

Happy Crafting!


Yarn: Martha Stewart from Michales
Fabrics: Fabricland, Lily Rose Quilts,
Trims: Darting Dog Crafty Shop

Elastic Trim for Crib Sheet: Elastic By The Yard

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  1. April 2, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    I’m always amazed at how much crafty goodness you’re able to get done. I’m absolutely stalled…really should get on some bibs for Elliot. He’s drooling everywhere.

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