Simple Halloween

Posted 5 years ago

OK so I know that a really good blogger would have had their Halloween costume post up 2 weeks to a month ahead of Halloween and would have some really great photos of their kids in said costume. I am not a really good blogger. 

My mom and I decided to go out together for Halloween with the kids and I thought we could all wear wings and be faeries/butterfly’s/whatever you want to call it. I also had those tutu’s that I made and decided the girls could wear. We bought wings for Evelyn an my mom, and I already had a big butterfly pair from years ago. I wanted to put wings on the baby but given that she is very small and most wings are bigger then her. PLUS I planned on wearing her in my stretchy wrap so  I had to pin it to her back. Solution: Home made paper wings. 
You can see them on her back best there.

I started off with a stock image in Microsoft Word and printed off in Black and white at the size I was looking for. 

I then took some chalk pastels I had on hand (coloured calk would work as well) and rubbed the outline I was going to be cutting on on good coloured cardstock.

I placed the printed image on top of my Coloured Card stock and traced using a ball point pen transferring the image onto said card stock.

I then Cut it out with scissors. there was smudges and transfer from the pastels where I didn’t want them so I used a white eraser to remove them.

I then used my beloved Martha Stewart ball point glue pen to make the pattern. No I am not payed by Martha and company for this endorsement, I just genuinely love their products, they are quality and intuitive and exactly what I would want to make if I made craft supplies. 

So I used the pen to make outlines then covered it with glitter, let it dry, did the next colour, let it dry, etc etc etc. The Pattern was random and did not follow any pattern. I made it up as I went along.

This is the result:

I don’t think many people really noticed her, or her wings given how adorable and outgoing my other daughter was, but I feel all the better knowing I took my 3 week old out trick or treating and she was dressed up. 

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