Simple Crochet Edge Baby Blanket

Posted 4 years ago

This project I saw some time ago on pinterest and pinned her and decided to give it a go for a friends baby girl. Her colours were Grey and Yellow for the nursery so I wanted to make a blanket like that with a touch of pink in it. This is what I came up with:

 The Original blanket is from Purl Bee and is so pretty.

Purl Bee said you should fold over twice and sew wit a straight stitch. I decided no to do so because my ironing folding skills are not great instead I folded over once sewed with an overlock stitch and then trimmed it up. I then had problems with snipped threads so I had to re sew it. 
Upon crocheting I realized the thickness of the fabric doubled over would be a good think and I recommend it . Next up I punched holes in my fabric every small dark stripes and between the two large dark stripes. I used a Martha Stewart screw hole punch and the smallest hole I it had. 
Next I followed instructions as per Purl Bee and crocheted around. 

I am really happy it turned out and will be making more in the future for other people having babies!

Next week I will show you the other things I have made for said friend now that she has finally had her and I have sent out the gifts!

Happy Crafting!

Woolies Grey Flannel Plaid from Nauvoo Quilt Co. on Etsy
Size E crochet hook
Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Yarn from Michales (I cant find wrapper or I would give more info)
Thread for Sewing Fabric stores everywhere!

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