Silhouette America Software: What is Weld?

Posted 4 years ago

SO as some of you know I recently bought a Silhouette America Cameo and have been playing with the software. I have had many questions myself and have done some research. Tracing is the #1 thing I needed to know and there is a GREAT web series called Tracing without Tears, that has great info on tracing and she mentions welding but not in a lot of detail so I thought I would show a bit more about that and then a bit more about fixing a basic trace where you get extras and need some touch up.
Ok so what is a weld? A weld meshes overlapping lines together to make them 1 continuous line. I know doesn’t make a lot of sense in writing. 

This is Edwardian Script ITC. A closer look at the ITC shows that the lines overlap

If you were to cut like this it the T would cut the lines of the C and the I and make a big mess. SO we weld. 
The result is this:
 one continuous ITC that does not cut into eachother. 
Fascinating stuff no? NO its really not. but its got lots of real world applications. One of which I will be showing you on our regularly post date of Wednesday! 
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