Pairing Down: 50 Things

Posted 4 years ago

Lately I feel like my life is full. Full of Stuff. Stuff that is not making me happier, or better, or more satisfied with life. Its just stuff. It is just taking up mental clutter and visual Space. So I gave my self a Challenge and I am issuing one to my readers took. Get rid of 50 Things. Its So simple. I picked all this to get rid of PLUS a bag of clothes.

TONS of duplicate spoons, spatulas and kitchen gear. A few duplicate items and unused things and 4 items for garbage. Rest is residing at Value Village now. Phew! I feel so much better, but Now its like a bug. I want to get rid of more. I want to get rid of EVERYTHING. Its a part of me that is less is more. 

So Give it a try. This week find 50 things you don’t REALLY need and get rid of it. Toss it, Recycle, Give it away or sell it. This is my challenge and go forth.


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