Skechers is a large shoe company that makes 3,000 different kinds of shoes. They are known for producing comfortable shoes and they have great quality. This makes them a popular company to buy any shoes from. Skechers flip flops offer that same quality and are better for your feet and joints then many cheap flip flops on the market. If you aren't buying five dollar flip flops from Walmart then what can you expect to find in Skechers flip flops?

Skechers Flip Flops or Thongs?

Skechers tries not to call their shoes either Skechers flip flops or Skechers thongs. However, that being said, most official Skechers descriptions will call them by an official name such as Skechers Tone Ups - Beach Body Sandals and they will include the words Skechers flip flops, thongs, and sandals in there. Some sights will call them Skechers thongs. Whatever you want to call them, you can find a lot of different styles and looks!

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Skechers Flip Flops - The Styles

Skechers flip flops come in a huge variety of styles. There really is something for everyone. You can find each style in a number of colors as well.

  • Womens Skechers flip flops come in some common styles including Tone Ups for fitness flip flops, pinups and rumblers for platform and wedged heal flip flops, and beach flip flops. All of these styles have a high quality bottom to offer support and to last more than a single season.
  • Mens Skechers flip flops also come in a wide variety of styles including the Skechers Mollusks that offer sporty style in a comfortable flip flop and Skechers tantrics which offer a relaxed, beachy type of flip flops.

Skechers Flip Flops - The Cost Evaluation

You can pick up a pair of flip flops at the dollar store. A Pair of Skechers flip flops will cost you at least $25 if you find a sale and can go as high as $50. Are they really worth the money?

  • Skechers flip flops are designed to last. A cheap pair of flip flops will surprise you if it makes it through the summer, where as the Skechers flip flops will last more than one year and will always be there ready for you to wear when you want a pair of flip flops.
  • Skechers flip flops have better style. You can find them in a wide range of colors and designs. You can find Skechers flip flops to fit your every style.
  • Skechers flip flops are better for your feet. It used to be that cost and style we're the most important things, but today we know better. The health of your feet and ankles is really important. Studies show that cheap flip flops don't offer enough support and often put your foot into an awkward position which can hurt your feet, ankles, knees, and all the way up. Skechers flip flops are better for your feet and many of them are even good for them!

In the end Skechers flip flops are a great summer choice. They will last longer, come in a wide range of styles and colors, and they are better for your feet. Picking out more than one pair of Skechers flip flops will let you enjoy the benefits and having more than one choice to wear.

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