My Winter Wreath

Posted 5 years ago

OK so I know Christmas is over and all that, and no one is going to run out and buy a wreath but I wanted to share it because waiting till next year will be no good as I will likely have something different as I generally get a real wreath (go boxwood!). So here it is, a couple months late but such is life! The beauty of it is that its a winter wreath, NOT a Christmas wreath so it will be up for some time.

And yes this is Pinterest inspired you can find my pin on it here. Looking back at the pictures I think i eithe needed more balls or less. but probably more. I also kinda wish I could have had a rectangular wreath instead of square, but square is really nice too.

Here is another shot that shows of how sexy my front door is. Truly beautiful, NOT.

The foam filler is from when we took the door knocker off and didn’t just want a whole. This spring/summer I am for sure stripping and Painting this sucker yellow!  I also have a screen/storm door that goes in front and I LOATH it. its coming down this week.

Happy Crafting!

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