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Posted 5 years ago

This Christmas with a newborn has been absolutely nuts! I made all most all of my gifts this year which means I have LOTS of content for you but most being a gift I feel like I should maybe hold them until next year. Cant decide yet. SO I am going to start off this year by showing you some of my organization. I am trying to make myself more productive and organized to make daily life easier. If I am more organized I will have more time to play with the kids. 

 I started in the Kitchen which we put in when we moved here in September 2011. A whole year with disorganized Ikea Cabinets. Which makes NO sense since Ikea is superior for organization and customization of off the shelf kitchens.  I KNEW we needed more shelves for our skinny upper cupboards, but I had never gotten them. Instead I lived with this for a year:

Now over A YEAR later and less than $35 its much better. Seriously why did I live with a disaster for an entire year when I could have spent so little and had such a better organized space. In fact I had so much space from reorganizing that I had room for all my sprinkles which you see in the first photo. Yes that is an entire shelf FULL of sprinkles, sugars, and what not. I did not Fancy up or pretty up things overly for you. Just keeping it real. 
 This is my Storage/Lunch Containers cupboard. 

 Baking, Small things, sugars and sprinkles, Tea and Coffee. Just 2 packs of 2 shelves each got this all done.
Got Interior Organizers too.  

Also did the bottom drawers with all the roasting pans, indoor grill plates and juice jugs. 
What I DID do when I first moved in was buy more of the glass shelves for the upper cabinets to help hold my daughters small kid stuff. 
As you can see I have 1 tiny shelf not good for a lot but perfect for what I need it for. 
So my less on for the day is don’t put it off. If you have something that needs organizing get on it. and DON’T wait a year (or more). 
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