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Posted 4 years ago

When I moved in I loved our big window, but it was kinda a pain. Too low to put anything under it, and too short for an Ikea solution. Which is originally what I thought, oh they will have something at Ikea that will fit there. They do not. 
I wanted around the same width as the window with out over hanging. 
I wanted something I could put a cushion on top of. 
I wanted to be able to store toys in it.
I wanted wheels on it. 
I wanted it dark brown. 
Not that I was specific or anything.  I found NOTHING on the market that matched my criteria. If they had storage they were too tall, and most were 3′-4′ long. My window is 5. SO I built one. Not really. I am not that adept at power tools. No matter how hard I try. More correctly my Mom built it. She is a great maker of things: 
My rocking horse when I was a kid. 
My picnic table. 
The back deck on the house I grew up in. 
She creates good stuff. 
So I asked her and she said yes. 6 months later and highly pregnant we still had not started. She called a local Mill and asked about 1-2″ walnut. WAY to pricey so off to Rona we went. Mind you at this point I was 6 or 7 months pregnant and would get dizzy, light headed and almost pass out whenever I stood up for a long time. Never figured out why. So Mom made me use one of those motorized scooter shopping carts that the elderly use. I felt like a toad but it got me around with out passing out so I guess it was good. 
Anyway here we are in Rona, me in my motor cart looking for wood and there before us was some Pine shelves. I  dislike pine. Very much. Just a bit too rustic and grainy for me. Plus it stains like crap. BUT they were the right size and the right price.8′ long and 15″ deep. I think we needed 2 or maybe 3 for the whole bench. 
I cant tell you much about it after this as I was not there, but my mom built it as a basic box. The back is screwed into the top and bottom but matches seamlessly, once stained you could not even tell its a desperate piece. SO it measures 16″ deep now. The blue boxes inside, now those ARE from Ikea. I built them and painted them to mach the prominent accent colour in the living room and then measured them fully assembled with the lids on. What lids you ask. well lets get real. Lids on toy boxes inside benches are just never gonna happen, so I put them in storage in the basement for future uses. You know when my house isn’t overrun with toys and kids junk and maybe I want to put adult junk in it. So the size of the opening accounts for the lid as well. 
That was my point there, took a while to get to it but here we are. The opening is bigger than the box because one day I will have lids on them and I need space for that. 
here is another glamour shot of it. I know its a long post need some furniture porn in the middle
Next I stained the bench. We used some pre stain treatment for soft wood and then used a minwax stain in the nicest colour I could find. Got one of those small stains. Half pint i think they are. BARELY enough to cover, I would have liked more for another coat but the sucker was dry as a bone when I was done. So get more stain is the take away.

Next came the stinky I am far to pregnant for this part Clear Coat. My mom did this to. I think there was 3 or more coats on the top and 2 on the sides 3 on the bottom part where the boxes sit. A light sanding in between she is as beautiful as can be. We then put these industrial wheels on it. I wanted attractive easy to use wheels. But they were pricey, we got 4 non locking wheels and 2 locking wheels so it does not move around when someone sits on it or the kids climb or lean on it. The wheels cost more than the bench did I believe.

I think to total was some where between $100 and $125. Half of which was my wheels. But not TOO bad for a custom piece. Which is a hard pill for me to swallow given what a cheap stake I am. But again mom stepped in here, she is my hero btw, and she paid for it and built it all because i think she could see the benefit in it for the family esp with 2 kids in the house. She dislikes it when it is all messy. 
I flanked it with 2 bookcases that I have decorated with colour coordinating books and trinkets and stuff. but they are messy right now so I did not include much of them in today’s shoot. Another day perhaps. 

Here is Miss Evelyn and her toy bench.

So I cant really craft that, but my mom can! 
Happy Crafting, 
ps. Yes  you read that right. I was pregnant when we made this. But how you ask, did not not just read a post about Violet turning 1? Yea you did. I have had it that long and never taken good photos of it to share…. 
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  1. November 10, 2013 at 3:52 am

    I love that bench!

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