Into The Darkness

Posted 4 years ago

I have accepted that my husband is a Trek geek. I accepted that when we met, took it as a passing note. Over the years I have learnt the depth of that darkness. He knows more about Star Trek than anyone I have ever met. If I, for some unknown reason, had ANY question related to Star Trek I can ask and he will have the answer right of the top of his head. I live with this day and night. Thankfully I have a Star Trek fan who is not a collector. He does not own loads and loads of trek gear.

I have bought him 2 hardcover books, he has the 2 ships from the new movie BlueRay releases, and I got him a complete set of brand new Original Cast Pezz Dispensers. All of which SHOULD be going down to the basement to his gaming area… some time. 
Meanwhile Upstairs I still want him to be represented. I dont want to be one of those all too serious homeowners with no personality of the occupants. As much as I dont like a lot of trek stuff, I do want something quirky that represents him. here in comes the Star Trek Enterprise Embroidery. 
First I had to find a picture I liked. I grabbed this one. 
Then I had to simplify it. A LOT. I printed it out to the right size of my embroidery hoop, traced over it with a sharpie onto new paper and had my pattern.  I stretched my fabric, a thin white cotton over a wooden embroidery hoop (which was hard enough to find apparently embroidery is a dying art) taped the design to the back and used a pencil to lightly trace it onto my fabric. Then I broke out the floss and stitched it up. 
Its quite rustic in its appearance. That’s right rustic, not crappy.

I intend to put it on the wall over the couch in a collage of different photographs and art. I have indented this for over a year. Procrastination is kinda my thing. For now she lives on my bookshelf.

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