Iced Shortbread Easter Cookies

Posted 3 years ago

Once Again I am turning to the amazing Sweetopia and her great Shortbread Cookie Recipe and Royal Icing Recipe. I highly suggest your peruse the site to learn all you need to know about cookie decorating, recipes etc.  
I made these great rabbit and Easter egg cookies and they were SO delicious. Marian generally does cookies over 5 days (yes it time consuming and yes they taste fresh and delicous) but sometimes does a 3 day. I did the 3 day method. Both methods are explained here.
I made these simple white bunnies. Some had sugar sprinkle tails some had piped dots. I think I was partial to the dots but the sugar was easier. 
I also made a variety of different egg cookies. 
I did  a couple painted flowers, this is super easy, just pipe the petal and then using a food only paintbursh pull icing into center of flower. is crazy easy and beautiful. 

Then I did some more elaborate but traditional decorated ones. I think my icing was a bit thin and some of the details did not end up the way i wanted but overall I was impressed.

 Lastly I did one of this lattice cookies with a dot edge. To do this better I need to measure, or be more precise or some such. 
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