I Can Craft That: Hemming Curtains

Posted 5 years ago

So window coverings and I have had an agreement for some years. They are difficult and I agree not to argue with that. For years we lived in apartments where the windows go right to the ceiling and right in a corner. How in the world is one to install window coverings when the ceiling is concrete and there are metal headers???  So we have had the most basic coverings that had a tendency to fall down. When we moved into the house we are now in I thought for myself FINALLY I can have blinds AND curtains! *Happy Dance*
Unfortunately the budget is REALLY limited. I have double rods in the living room/dining room for sheers on the inside and decorative curtains on the outside. In both bedrooms I have a single rod. Off to Ikea I went for affordable drapery. I got thicker curtains for the bedrooms to block some light and cotton sheers for the living room until I could find the decorative ones. Problem with Ikea Curtains are they need to be hemmed. I am not a great sewer by any means and Ikea Curtains have been the bane of my existence. You cant just chop 4″ off the bottom right across and call it a day because they are not even. ARG!!!
So I left them unhemmed, got some cheap blinds for in the master bedroom (we have a street light right in front of our bedroom) and called it a day. But the list of to do around the house is getting so long that I thought I should start to tackle a few of the things that I can do with no assistance. 
So here is how I hem Ikea Curtains. Ill start with the sheers first cause I did better pictures of them and better finished. 
First I started off by taking off the tab tops. I loath tab top curtains. I think they look sloppy and show too much of the frame and window and are just bla. 
So I took them off! I folded them backward and sew it along the existing header line, and clipped off the excess. Much better I think

Here is a side by side comparison of what they looked like tabbed and de tabbed.

Next I rehung the curtains after they were tabless and used straight pins to mark where I want it hemmed. 

I marked it all along the bottom and from there ironed it over and pinned it.

I then hemmed it at 1″ from the iron line using this fancy stick #24 on my machine. I figured it would hold the hem nicely and prevent unravelling in the wash. I did not fold it over twice to hem and prevent the unravelling because it is so stretchy and hard to work with. i thought the less I play with it the better. 

 I also hemmed the thicker curtains in our bedrooms. For these I did not pin all along the bottom because there was not the stretch factor. I just pinned the two edges, folded nicely and ironed then hemmed with a straight stitch at 1″. I also did not do a double fold on these because there would be very bulky as these are thick almost canvas like curtains. 

I only wish I had used my fancy #24 stitch on this too just in case. But I figure if I have some unravelling problems I have enough hem left to restitch and I will use #24. 
So what’s my plan for the decorative curtains? Well I would really like to get geometric teal curtians, but even though teal has become more popular I cant seem to find any curtians. My colour can be seen in this photo:

But the best I have been able to find is this curtain from Z Gallerie but as it says its Aquamarine not Teal….

Happy Crafting!

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