I Can Craft That: Diaper Clutch

Posted 5 years ago

When we are going out for a long period of time or to someone’s house I generally take my daughters large diaper bag which houses diapers, soother, change of clothes etc. However if I am just running out, going for a walk, dr apt etc I take my diaper clutch. I got a cosmetic bag from a grocery super store. Sparkly and pretty, but cheap. Within 2 months the inner liner has ripped, and its really not large enough to house it all. 

Wa wa.

So I decided I would go on Etsy and look for a good little wallet. I found 2 I love.

This one by Celine Creations is Super pretty 
This is from Drundry Hill is super cute too. 
And I was about to order it when I decided I could probably craft one myself.  I am not an expert sewing by  ANY stretch of the imagination, BUT I do have a lot of supplies. I also figured if I totally botched it so what. I would just end up buying a new one and scrap the one that cost me nothing. So I went down stairs to see what I had on hand for fabric. I knew I had a GREAT print that would be super pretty but it was too light weight and lineny (is that a word?). SO I search on. Ends up I still have a lot of fabric left over from making my daughters crib sheets and bumpers. So that was the winning fabric. 
I decided I was also going to make a small change pad. 
This is what I came up with:

I wish I could have made this a tutorial but since I had such low hopes of it working out I didn’t take photos.  If any one would like a description of the process I can try that but I thought to post it that way would bore everyone to tears! 
Happy Crafting! 
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  1. May 10, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    Lovely! I love having all of my diaper supplies in one little tote – great job, it’s so practical and it looks great!

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