How to fix a Hardened Brush

Posted 5 years ago

So if you follow me on facebook (which you totally should here) you will know that I posted about a month ago that another brush had bit the dust. I had done some painting but apparently not gotten all of the paint out of the brush leaving it crunchy, clumpy and crusty. 

wa wa

I though I would have to toss it as I had not heard of a way of fixing it. Then I googled solutions picked one and ran with it. What I saw was heat some vinegar to just before boiling and place a brush in it for 2 hrs or over night then using a stiff wire brush, brush out the paintbrush and rinse with water. 

So I decided why not go one step further and put vinegar in my crock pot (the one I use for dirty jobs, not food) to cover the bristles and put it on low over night. Brilliant no? Um no not so much. I mean It worked it cleaned the brush great BUT I had filled the crock pot half way, up to just below the metal. This is what was left over by morning:

Its because the lid wouldn’t fit snugly with the brush handle sticking out and some how it got turned to high instead of low. Also my entire basement and kitchen near the basement steps what overwhelmingly vinegary. It stank! I had to open all the windows upstairs and in the basement to air it out. It was brutal. 
This is the wire brush I used to clean the paintbrush. You need to have a good safe surface to brush it on. I am photographing it on top of the freezer but I did not clean it here. Right now we have old poured concrete laundry sink so I brushed the heck out of it on the front angle of the sink. 

Now it is perfect, back to like new condition.  Please note this was latex paint and you might not get it to work or if you are too rough with the wire brush you might ruin it, but heck it was ruined anyway no? Be sure to brush only down the brush from the Ferrule (that’s the technical name for the metal part) to the end of the bristles and not back up. Going back and forth will defiantly wreck it. 
Best of luck with your brushes! 
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