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Posted 4 years ago

I don’t drink coffee. Black Juice from Hell as my father would call it. I don’t drink Tea. The smell of it is nauseating to me. But I DO LOVE Hot Chocolate! I made some for Christmas Gifts along with those Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows. Its Simple, relatively inexpensive and personable. 
I combined 2 different recipes that were ok and made 1 really good recipe and here it is:
5 3/4 C Dry Powdered Milk
2oz       Coffee Creamer (whitener)
2 1/5 C Confectioners Sugar (Icing Sugar)
4oz       Chocolate Drink Mix – think powdered chocolate milk mix
1 1/2 C Chocolate Chips
1 1/2 C Cocoa Powder
1/4 tsp   Salt
You need to process the chocolate chips into fine grain, like chocolate dust….. ummmmmm……. *wipes up drool*. You can do this in a food processor or magic bullet. I only had the bullet so I ground it up fine but putting only the chips in can go bad, the heat of the blade melts the chocolate and then forms a block. My trick, add some confectioners Sugar to the chips for processing, dries out the chocolate and prevents clumping. Also pulse it. 
To MAKE the hot chocolate – you know so you can test it. I put instructions of adding 1/3 C mix to 1 C hot milk. But I found half and half milk water works OR as I prefer, use hot water and then top it off with cold milk to bring down the temperature and make it drinkable. 
Mix all your ingredients into a large bowl you borrowed from someone else because really who own a bowl this big other than my mother. this is gonna make you about 10C of mix, which is like 30 servings. Having a cute helper/stirer is not necessary but recommended. Having a messy dining room is totally optional and not recommended 

My original plan was just to have the chocolate mix in the coffee bag, but the smallest bag is 1/2lb and you need at least 3 1/2C of mix to fill past the window which is just WAY too much to do when you have 10 to make, SO I had to regroup and rethink. I ended up using some plain  bags and filling them up with 1 1/3 C of  mix.

Then lay bag on its side and group all the mix together and roll it up and tape it so that you have a hot chocolate sausage. 

This sausage filled about half the coffee bag, the other half of bag I put in 4 of the Tempered Dark Belgian Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows and then labeled it using Avery Martha Stewart Labels and some Christmas Ribbon.

Mix supplies all came from grocery store and Bulk Barn.
plastic bags are from local hardware store Housewares.
Coffee Bags from CanWax
Martha Stewart Avery Labels from Staples (Canada)
Ribbon – I already owned but from Michaels

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