Glitter Tree Garland

Posted 4 years ago

Remember that sewn paper garland I made for Evelyn’s birthday? The one that is super long, and wonderful and I completely forgot to use for her birthday. Well I made another one for Christmas, only this one SPARKLES. I like shiny things.  OH yea and I used it too. 

I used POW Glitter paper, its a single sided highly metallic paper that I adore and can go through my cameo. I cut various sizes of silver paper from 1.5-2″, the gold is all 1.5″. I held them back to back and sewn together. I used them on my Christmas tree this year. 

I had to pack up all my past decorations with exception of my grandmothers doll ornaments because vintage glass and a 1 and 3 year old do not mix. So this year I made the garlands, some paper ornaments and some dollar store foam glitter ornaments. For some reason the 1 year old likes to pull the balls of the tree and take big bites out of them so I don’t think they will last more than this year but I am happy with it for now. 

I also sell them in the etsy store by the foot if your not wanting to DIY.

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