Crafting Fail – Homemade Modeling Clay

Posted 5 years ago

So I have had one craft on the books to do for some time now (like 6+ months) but have never tackled it. I wanted to make a homemade clay bowl which I am gonna paint all fancy like and use it for keys on the front credenza. I purchased some air dry clay from Michales. My plan was to roll it out and shape it around an existing bowl. I got something Called Clay Mache or something like that. I started kneading and trying to work with it and instantly knew it was not going to do what i wanted it to. It was to fibery and would not roll right. So I scrapped that idea and decided to look up homemade clay’s. I also figured I would take some extras and make some gift tags, and fake cookies for my daughters play kitchen.  The first recipe I decided to try was found on this site, and is recipe #6. Though I think the recipe itself is ok I am pretty sure the instructions are flawed. It says to bake at 350 for 1 hr and I am pretty sure it should be bake at 250. I decided to follow directions exactly and it was bust. I ended up with this:


I cooked the bowl for about 15 min the removed the inner bowl so it could cook and not bust my bowl. FYI my bowl was this awesome one that I got from the Dollar Store and I adored the size and shape of. So I started again with a very similar recipe but cooked it at low temperature. and the ‘cookies’ came out great. didn’t expand or puff or anything, the bowl however fused the the bowl I shaped it on in a manner that made them both garbage, plus my clay bowl cracked. So sad. I hope they bring those bowls back to the dollar store. I intend to paint my  daughters cookies to look like chocolate chip cookies and shellac them. Right now she has taken to licking them. I assume (with out tasting cause that’s gross)  they are somewhat salty given the amount of salt in them and that’s why she likes it, I am hoping some paint and varnish will deter this otherwise I will have to axe them too! 

Evelyn also really liked the project cause I let her help and then gave her bits to play with. The bonus of it was that if she ate some it would be like twice her daily intake of salt but wouldn’t be harmful. 

As for my bowl I was back to square one with a choice to make. Either I go buy a new clay and try again OR try a different homemade thing. I decided to try Cold Porcelain which means I had to run out and get some supplies to cook it in that I wont be using for food. SO I went off to the Dollar Store and Value Village. I then ran out of steam to follow through but hopefully will get it done some time this week. Results to follow. 

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