Christmas Gift Bath Bombs, A Half Fail.

Posted 5 years ago

For Christmas This year I have decided to make baskets of small hand made luxuries for the ladies of my family. The first item I am going to show you is the Lavender Rosemary Bath Bombs. I had a bath bomb book that has lots of recipes a ideas, but really I am just using the basic recipe and modifying it to meet my needs.

For this you will need:

  • Plastic Bowl and spoon
  • Meausring Spoons and Cups
  • Smaller glass bowl
  • Spray Bottle with water in it
  • Essential Oils – I used Lavender and Rosemary
  • Baking Soda
  • Epson Salts
  • Dead Sea Salt
  • Citric Acid
  • Corn Starch
The recipe in the book states as follows:
300 g (11oz or 1C) granulated Citric Acid
600g (1lb 5oz or 2C) Baking Soda
1 tsp essential oil
1 tsp herbs, glitter and/or liquid colour
5g (aprox 0.2oz or 1 tsp) oil or melted cosmetic butter (not the food type)
Binder – Water, witch Hazel or floral water in a  spritz or spray bottle. 
I skipped the herbs/glitter/colour and used grapeseed oil and regular water as binder. I also added a half a cup of Epson salts and some dead sea salts.  I also read some where that salts are natural deodorizers, (as is baking soda) and adding essential oils directly to them can cause the scent to fade as the salts and soda do what they do. SO to combat this I added scents to a small amount (1-1.5tbsp) corn starch and mixed that up then added hat to the mixture. 
Mix up all the dry ingredients then  add the oil and spritz with the water until it is wet enough to combine and hold. Do a squeeze test to see if it will stick.  
The book says ” Your mixture should resemble damp sand and should hold together well when squeezed in your fist. If your mixture is too wet when you turn it out it can ‘grow’ and change shape. If it is dry and crumbles, add some more water. When you are happy with your mix mold your bath bombs fairly quickly so the mixture does not start to dry out. If it does dry out, just spritz on some water.”
When you spray on your water the mixture may start to fizz a bit.  I tired to take a picture of it, not sure if you can see it or not though I can. 
I used some acrylic 2 part Christmas ornament balls as my mold. I decided to do some half circles with the larger ball and full balls with the smaller ball. I molded them and turned them out on a tray lined with cling wrap. 
Apparently I used too much water because they DID grow once out of the mold. YOU can kinda see it in the above photo. the one in the back is freshly unmolded, the one in the front was unmolded a minute or so earlier and was starting to spread.  I noticed this and for my last ball decided to elastic around the ball and leave it for an hour or so to dry before demolding it. you can see it on the back of the try in the photo below.  Clearly the half balls at the front are growing and falling. 

By morning they looked like the below photo. The half I left in a mold stayed good and half round, and the full ball turned out beautifully. However I missed unmolding one of the balls you can see at the very back in the centre and now am unable to get it out. I guess that’s one for me to keep and throw in plastic and all in the bath. The half rounds I had mad had totally fallen flat. I had made these really for my daughter with very little scent to them as she has been having some dry skin and itching issues so the fact that she now has fizzy pancakes isn’t really a big deal. She is 2 and the fizz is all the fun.

The Full balls I unmolded and set on a towel to set as the book suggests so they don’t get a flat size, but due to the fact that its growing it stuck to the towel. you can see some red fuzz from it on the top ball. It also deformed into a lumpy bump. 

This is the ONLY perfect one, which was left elastic tied into its mold for an hour or so before unmolding. I have taken away from this that the next batch I must have more than 1 mold so I can make them all at the same time, probably star with a smaller batch, AND let them set! Unfortunately this photo is not perfectly sharp but I think you can get the idea.

This is one of the half balls I left molded for a half hour before removing.

Next Challenge I am making pure lavender balls with dried lavender in it and I have to find more molds. I went to Michael’s, they sell them year round but only in large and extra large sizes not the smaller I want. I am HOPING that closer to Christmas they will have more sizes. Fingers crossed. 
So this was a half fail as most of the product I made is not suitable for gift giving but given that it was a test I am going to just count it as a learning opportunity…. yea that’s it. Learning opportunity. 
Happy Crafting! 
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