Chalk boards and Dry Erase Board

Posted 5 years ago

Lots has been going on, as I sit an write this my butt is totally frozen because its freezing out and we just got back from going to the mail and  its currently -13 feels like -23 and its windy so its deep in the bones! Today I am going to show you a couple of small projects I have done. I have been very busy making more pieces for more of my crazy paper art pieces and have also been knitting my fingers off making some gifts for my friend who is due in a couple weeks, cant show you that tho because i want to try and make it a surprise! Also been gluing more bird kits together like crazy making lots more kits. Have a very talented photographer friend Samantha Bauer coming over  to help me take pictures of said kits so I can get them up on the Etsy page for sale. 
So my first project is actually something that I did for Samantha for her to use in weddings, its a heart shaped chalk board for using in photo props. I got the wooden heart from the Dollarama for $2 took off the tag, and twine hanger and gave it a good sanding all around and then painted. I tried first the Martha Stewart Craft Chalkboard Paint, and I have to say I was hugely disappointed which is a first for Martha Stewart Craft Supplies. Generally I love her stuff. This just was not working for raw wood. it showed the wood grain way to much. on something completely smooth, or previously painted it would likely work but not on fresh wood. So I switched over to some Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint that I had on hand it it was much better with just 2 coats. 
This is Sam’s photo prop one. 

The Above one is mine on my wall for now until I get my collage wall done, photos printed etc.  Because everyone needs a little Yoda in their everyday life. 
My second project to show is also something to write on. I wanted another board to write reminders, grocery lists etc on and I was thinking a white board, but of course it has to be pretty. SO I remembered seeing on the internet making a dry erase board using a frame and glass with something behind. So off to Value Village I went and got a large picture frame. I forgot to take a picture because I have a problem with doing that. It was a dark brown frame with a tropical print on board in it. I took everything out and primed and sprayed the frame a tropical blue teal colour. I then broke the glass and had to buy a more glass which cost almost as much as the whole frame….. 
I also got some cool faux bois fabric from Pink Door Fabrics off etsy for the backing and it looks SWEET! 
Happy Crafting! 
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