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Changes on the way

Posted 3 years ago

Hey. As you can probably tell I have not been around. I went through an ENTIRE Crafting Christmas with out posting. There is a Reason. Soon (hopefully) the entire website will change. Not only will I have a blog with information, crafts etc. but I will also have the shop, information on my in person […]

Justice League of America is here!

Posted 3 years ago

Spent the last couple days filling customer orders and coming up with some new confetti. I rounded out my Justice League of America Set with Wonder Woman (finally) and redesigned the Flash logo to a more modern one. I also made Hawkgirl/Hawkman for a client and listed that in the shop as well. Honestly I […]

Pairing Down: 50 Things

Posted 4 years ago

Lately I feel like my life is full. Full of Stuff. Stuff that is not making me happier, or better, or more satisfied with life. Its just stuff. It is just taking up mental clutter and visual Space. So I gave my self a Challenge and I am issuing one to my readers took. Get […]

New Year New items

Posted 4 years ago

This has just been a Hectic January! A short hospital visit followed by a HUGE 200 piece 3d heart order for a repeat client has left me no time to blog! However, in between hearts I HAVE come up with time to make some new confetti items for the shop! Always looking for new ideas […]

Hot Chocolate Gifts

Posted 4 years ago

I don’t drink coffee. Black Juice from Hell as my father would call it. I don’t drink Tea. The smell of it is nauseating to me. But I DO LOVE Hot Chocolate! I made some for Christmas Gifts along with those Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows. Its Simple, relatively inexpensive and personable.  I combined 2 different recipes that were ok and made 1 really good recipe […]

Yummy In your Tummy Butternut Squash Soup Recipe.

Posted 4 years ago

Ok so anyone who knows me knows I DON’T like soup. Lipton chicken noodle, Campbells chicken noodle, is about the jest of it. Not even home made Chicken soup. HOWEVER one time some where, some event of some sort where I was served food with out getting to choose it, I was served a nice […]

Featured on Samantha Bauer Photography Blog

Posted 4 years ago

My Etsy Shop, and this very blog, just got featured on a friend and AMAZING Wedding Photographer Samantha Bauer’s Blog. Check out her blog here, and see my feature!  If you live in southern Ontario and are looking for a wedding photographer check her out case she is really amazing  makes me want to get married all over again to hire her.

Made it onto Ikea Hackers

Posted 5 years ago

Just a quick post to share with you that my Ikea table Enhancement made it onto Ikea Hackers! Go check it out!

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