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Super Gifts for a Super Boy

Posted 2 years ago

This past summer my friends son turned 3 and I wanted to hand make a gift for him. So I made him a super hero. Because what little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero. Correction, what male does not want to be a super hero, my husband still does! I made him a cape, […]

3D Exploding Box Christmas Cards

Posted 4 years ago

Caution, my Christmas Cards are explosive! This year I decided to go with something a little bit different. 3D Exploding box cards. They have to be hand delivered or sent as packages but I hope the impact is great.  I used my handy Silhouette Cameo to cut all the pieces. I started with an exploding […]

Quick Gift. 30 Sucks

Posted 4 years ago

 Quick Post for a quick gift idea. This is another pinterest idea, but I saw it using Tootsie Pops, the more refined of all suckers, but she is a vegan and they contain milk powder so that was out. Simple dollar store box with foam in the bottom, and some thing to cover it up […]

Baby Gifts Part 2

Posted 4 years ago

Click here for Part 1 of baby gifts.  OK so finally we have had the shower and my sister in law has received her gifts and I can share them with you. I made 2 sets of hats and booties. this one is bigger for winter with ear flaps, mitts and booties. The other set […]

Silhouette America: Tracing a logo

Posted 4 years ago

Today I am going to show you a basic trace and how to do it!  This is a trace I did for someone on the Happy SIL Facebook group. What its for I know not, just did it for them. Obviously Hockey of some sort. OK so first select you trace area and modify high […]

Silhouette America Software: What is Weld?

Posted 4 years ago

SO as some of you know I recently bought a Silhouette America Cameo and have been playing with the software. I have had many questions myself and have done some research. Tracing is the #1 thing I needed to know and there is a GREAT web series called Tracing without Tears, that has great info […]

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