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Super Gifts for a Super Boy

Posted 2 years ago

This past summer my friends son turned 3 and I wanted to hand make a gift for him. So I made him a super hero. Because what little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero. Correction, what male does not want to be a super hero, my husband still does! I made him a cape, […]

Simple Handmade Gifts for Baby Girl

Posted 4 years ago

Last week I shared with you a blanket I had made for a friend and her new baby girl, this week I am sharing the rest of the gifts I made for her.  First I made this dress. I had made the same one for my daughter in purple using Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft […]

Simple Crochet Edge Baby Blanket

Posted 4 years ago

This project I saw some time ago on pinterest and pinned her and decided to give it a go for a friends baby girl. Her colours were Grey and Yellow for the nursery so I wanted to make a blanket like that with a touch of pink in it. This is what I came up […]

The Epic Quilt Project

Posted 5 years ago

 So probably a year or 2 ago I saw this ragged edge quilt on Crazy Mom Quilts, and decided I wanted to make one like it for Evelyn when she got her big girl bed. I though it looked like a fairly simple quilt since the base of it was just 9″x9″ squares and the […]

A Tutu or Two

Posted 5 years ago

SO i decided to make a little newborn tutu for when this baby will have her newborn photos. I had seen some YouTube Videos on making no sew tutu using elastic, and using a crochet headband. So I decided to give it a try and off to Etsy I went in search of rolls of tulle. I found Dana’s […]

I Can Craft That: Hemming Curtains

Posted 5 years ago

So window coverings and I have had an agreement for some years. They are difficult and I agree not to argue with that. For years we lived in apartments where the windows go right to the ceiling and right in a corner. How in the world is one to install window coverings when the ceiling is concrete and there […]

I Can Craft That: Diaper Clutch

Posted 5 years ago

When we are going out for a long period of time or to someone’s house I generally take my daughters large diaper bag which houses diapers, soother, change of clothes etc. However if I am just running out, going for a walk, dr apt etc I take my diaper clutch. I got a cosmetic bag from a grocery super store. Sparkly and […]

Doll Bed Refinishing

Posted 5 years ago

I got this great Doll Bed from the IKEA as is section for my daughter, its called DUKTIG. It was cute birch but I much prefer a white one so a quick redo was in order. Its originally $24.99 CAD  but I believe i got it for $15. It had a few extra screws in it from being on display. So I got […]

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