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Simple Handmade Gifts for Baby Girl

Posted 4 years ago

Last week I shared with you a blanket I had made for a friend and her new baby girl, this week I am sharing the rest of the gifts I made for her.  First I made this dress. I had made the same one for my daughter in purple using Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft […]

Knitted Baby Blanket

Posted 5 years ago

So I am now full term in my pregnancy and the baby is welcome to come ANY time now. PLEASE!!!! I though I would share with you a baby blanket I knitted for this, better be, baby girl. I used Lion Brand Pattern 50073AD. But of course in my true style I didn’t exclusively follow the pattern. […]

Knitting: A Gallery of different stitches and how to’s

Posted 5 years ago

WARNING this post contains A TON of videos!  OK so Still not a knitting blog but here is another knitting post. I have a burning desire to knit but not the funding to purchase a bunch of yarn to knit what I want SO I decided to take some of the ends of yarns and acrylic junk […]

Knitted Baby Booties

Posted 5 years ago

So Again with the knitting. I promise I wont be turning this into a knitting blog any time soon I am just so fixated on it right now its all I seem to do much to the chagrin of my husband. Probably because I can do it easily enough on the couch with out having to move. Right now […]

3 Stitch Knit Scarf

Posted 5 years ago

Today I knit a scarf. It wasn’t too hard given its only 3 stitches per row. I have had this yarn for probably close to 2 years. I have no idea the company, the yarn, the car instructions. Nothing. Labels are gone. I started it and wasn’t loving it so I stopped. Today I decided to pull it back […]

I Can Craft That: Hand Knit Throw Blanket

Posted 5 years ago

So while I was in the hospital in 2010 I was trying to think of something to give my brother for his wedding. My brother is the guy who has just about everything and enough money to get what he wants. For my wedding he got me a sofa as we did not have one. […]

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