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Kids Toy Storage Bench

Posted 4 years ago

When I moved in I loved our big window, but it was kinda a pain. Too low to put anything under it, and too short for an Ikea solution. Which is originally what I thought, oh they will have something at Ikea that will fit there. They do not.  I wanted around the same width […]

I Can Craft That: Diaper Clutch

Posted 5 years ago

When we are going out for a long period of time or to someone’s house I generally take my daughters large diaper bag which houses diapers, soother, change of clothes etc. However if I am just running out, going for a walk, dr apt etc I take my diaper clutch. I got a cosmetic bag from a grocery super store. Sparkly and […]

Doll Bed Refinishing

Posted 5 years ago

I got this great Doll Bed from the IKEA as is section for my daughter, its called DUKTIG. It was cute birch but I much prefer a white one so a quick redo was in order. Its originally $24.99 CAD  but I believe i got it for $15. It had a few extra screws in it from being on display. So I got […]

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