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Super Gifts for a Super Boy

Posted 2 years ago

This past summer my friends son turned 3 and I wanted to hand make a gift for him. So I made him a super hero. Because what little boy doesn’t want to be a superhero. Correction, what male does not want to be a super hero, my husband still does! I made him a cape, […]

Wrap It Up! Gift Packaging

Posted 4 years ago

This simple gift wrap idea takes minimal time and looks great! using basic white or craft paper gift bags from the dollar store, some stamps and basic acrylic craft paint. Generally I prefer to wrap gifts in paper as it is funner to wrap and I like the look better, BUT sometimes you need a bag to […]

Quick Gift. 30 Sucks

Posted 4 years ago

 Quick Post for a quick gift idea. This is another pinterest idea, but I saw it using Tootsie Pops, the more refined of all suckers, but she is a vegan and they contain milk powder so that was out. Simple dollar store box with foam in the bottom, and some thing to cover it up […]

Baby Gifts Part 2

Posted 4 years ago

Click here for Part 1 of baby gifts.  OK so finally we have had the shower and my sister in law has received her gifts and I can share them with you. I made 2 sets of hats and booties. this one is bigger for winter with ear flaps, mitts and booties. The other set […]

DIY Vanilla Extract

Posted 4 years ago

Making your own Vanilla Extract is not only easy, and fun but it seriously impresses your friends and family. Down side, it takes time, and is more expensive than the fake stuff, or cheap grocery store stuff, but the result is a really rich high quality extract that you will adore. Its kinda one of […]

Simple Handmade Gifts for Baby Girl

Posted 4 years ago

Last week I shared with you a blanket I had made for a friend and her new baby girl, this week I am sharing the rest of the gifts I made for her.  First I made this dress. I had made the same one for my daughter in purple using Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft […]

Simple Crochet Edge Baby Blanket

Posted 4 years ago

This project I saw some time ago on pinterest and pinned her and decided to give it a go for a friends baby girl. Her colours were Grey and Yellow for the nursery so I wanted to make a blanket like that with a touch of pink in it. This is what I came up […]

Valentines Tea for Two

Posted 4 years ago

So all us Pinners out there have seen it. The DIY painted porcelain projects that look so good just using a marker. simple, good looking, great gift. Well here it is one step further.  this design was inspired from looking at Martha Stewart’s Version and made this pair for my husbands Grandparents for Christmas, but this would make a lovely valentines gift.  […]

Loving Lavender DIY GIfts

Posted 5 years ago

Another Post that is a look into my holiday gift giving. So to all my friends and family that read the blog (Hi Laura!) Christmas isn’t going to be much of a surprise. Half of my Christmas Gifts is for those Lovin Lavender. Bath Bombs, Scented Bath Salts, and scented sachets.  For a how to on the bath […]

Christmas Gifts: Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Stirs

Posted 5 years ago

Like many others I have a slight Pinterest addiction but I actually try to do some of the things I pin. I am trying to make some Christmas gifts for friends and family. I would like to be able to buy gifts for everyone, I would probably spend at least $50-$100 per person for Christmas but the […]

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