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Glitter Tree Garland

Posted 4 years ago

Remember that sewn paper garland I made for Evelyn’s birthday? The one that is super long, and wonderful and I completely forgot to use for her birthday. Well I made another one for Christmas, only this one SPARKLES. I like shiny things.  OH yea and I used it too.  I used POW Glitter paper, its […]

Birthday Rainbow Bunting DIY

Posted 4 years ago

OK so it just under 5 months till my big girls 3rd birthday so obviously i am deep in planning diy mode. Yea I’m that crazy person. Nice to meet you. I have settled on a rainbow birthday  but mostly just rainbow colours. Rainbow cake, and cookies, rainbow flowers and doilies.  I have started with a simple and […]

Paper Circle Garland

Posted 5 years ago

I have been slowly working on decorations for baby girls birthday party. Well that’s not true. I started working on things, in particular this garland then stopped working on anything and started other projects. But I better get back in gear soon as her birthday is July 1 and the only thing I want to work on […]

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