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DIY All Natural Deodorant Type 1 Results | I Can Craft That

Posted 3 years ago

Ok so I have had a few weeks to use the deodorant and do some more research. Results were both great and disappointing. The great results were experience by both my husband and myself. Better than any antiperspirant or deodorant that myself or husband have used at keeping all the smell away. The disappointing part […]

DIY All Natural Deodorant Type 1 | I Can Craft That

Posted 3 years ago

So I have embarked on a bit of a journey on DIY Home Made Natural Beauty Kick. I have started with deodorant. I am not a woman that normally wears deodorant. I normally wear Antiperspirant but find that after a few hours I not only am sweating but I also have a slight odor come […]

The Best Homemade Lemon Aid | I Can Craft That

Posted 3 years ago

I love lemon aid. A lot. Like a whole bunch. I often find thought store bought ones are either so sweet they make my teeth hurt or so sour I want to cry. So I decided to make a bunch of my own for Evelyn birthday party. I got a Case. Yes a CASE of lemons and started […]

Iced Shortbread Easter Cookies

Posted 3 years ago

Once Again I am turning to the amazing Sweetopia and her great Shortbread Cookie Recipe and Royal Icing Recipe. I highly suggest your peruse the site to learn all you need to know about cookie decorating, recipes etc.   I made these great rabbit and Easter egg cookies and they were SO delicious. Marian generally does cookies over 5 days (yes it time consuming and yes they taste […]

Wrap It Up! Gift Packaging

Posted 4 years ago

This simple gift wrap idea takes minimal time and looks great! using basic white or craft paper gift bags from the dollar store, some stamps and basic acrylic craft paint. Generally I prefer to wrap gifts in paper as it is funner to wrap and I like the look better, BUT sometimes you need a bag to […]

DIY Vanilla Extract

Posted 4 years ago

Making your own Vanilla Extract is not only easy, and fun but it seriously impresses your friends and family. Down side, it takes time, and is more expensive than the fake stuff, or cheap grocery store stuff, but the result is a really rich high quality extract that you will adore. Its kinda one of […]

Birthday Rainbow Bunting DIY

Posted 4 years ago

OK so it just under 5 months till my big girls 3rd birthday so obviously i am deep in planning diy mode. Yea I’m that crazy person. Nice to meet you. I have settled on a rainbow birthday  but mostly just rainbow colours. Rainbow cake, and cookies, rainbow flowers and doilies.  I have started with a simple and […]

Valentines Tea for Two

Posted 4 years ago

So all us Pinners out there have seen it. The DIY painted porcelain projects that look so good just using a marker. simple, good looking, great gift. Well here it is one step further.  this design was inspired from looking at Martha Stewart’s Version and made this pair for my husbands Grandparents for Christmas, but this would make a lovely valentines gift.  […]

My Winter Wreath

Posted 4 years ago

OK so I know Christmas is over and all that, and no one is going to run out and buy a wreath but I wanted to share it because waiting till next year will be no good as I will likely have something different as I generally get a real wreath (go boxwood!). So here it is, […]

Loving Lavender DIY GIfts

Posted 5 years ago

Another Post that is a look into my holiday gift giving. So to all my friends and family that read the blog (Hi Laura!) Christmas isn’t going to be much of a surprise. Half of my Christmas Gifts is for those Lovin Lavender. Bath Bombs, Scented Bath Salts, and scented sachets.  For a how to on the bath […]

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