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Into The Darkness

Posted 4 years ago

I have accepted that my husband is a Trek geek. I accepted that when we met, took it as a passing note. Over the years I have learnt the depth of that darkness. He knows more about Star Trek than anyone I have ever met. If I, for some unknown reason, had ANY question related […]

Kids Toy Storage Bench

Posted 4 years ago

When I moved in I loved our big window, but it was kinda a pain. Too low to put anything under it, and too short for an Ikea solution. Which is originally what I thought, oh they will have something at Ikea that will fit there. They do not.  I wanted around the same width […]

The Door Dilemma

Posted 4 years ago

So as some of you might know my family moved last year. This move included much reno including but not limited to ripping out and replacing the kitchen, tub surround, and vanity. We also replaced the furnace had the house rewired blew in more insulation and have ordered windows. Pretty much everything you can do […]

Chalk boards and Dry Erase Board

Posted 5 years ago

Lots has been going on, as I sit an write this my butt is totally frozen because its freezing out and we just got back from going to the mail and  its currently -13 feels like -23 and its windy so its deep in the bones! Today I am going to show you a couple of small projects […]

I Can Craft That: Hemming Curtains

Posted 5 years ago

So window coverings and I have had an agreement for some years. They are difficult and I agree not to argue with that. For years we lived in apartments where the windows go right to the ceiling and right in a corner. How in the world is one to install window coverings when the ceiling is concrete and there […]

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