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DIY All Natural Deodorant Type 1 Results | I Can Craft That

Posted 3 years ago

Ok so I have had a few weeks to use the deodorant and do some more research. Results were both great and disappointing. The great results were experience by both my husband and myself. Better than any antiperspirant or deodorant that myself or husband have used at keeping all the smell away. The disappointing part […]

DIY All Natural Deodorant Type 1 | I Can Craft That

Posted 3 years ago

So I have embarked on a bit of a journey on DIY Home Made Natural Beauty Kick. I have started with deodorant. I am not a woman that normally wears deodorant. I normally wear Antiperspirant but find that after a few hours I not only am sweating but I also have a slight odor come […]

Loving Lavender DIY GIfts

Posted 5 years ago

Another Post that is a look into my holiday gift giving. So to all my friends and family that read the blog (Hi Laura!) Christmas isn’t going to be much of a surprise. Half of my Christmas Gifts is for those Lovin Lavender. Bath Bombs, Scented Bath Salts, and scented sachets.  For a how to on the bath […]

Christmas Gift Bath Bombs, A Half Fail.

Posted 5 years ago

For Christmas This year I have decided to make baskets of small hand made luxuries for the ladies of my family. The first item I am going to show you is the Lavender Rosemary Bath Bombs. I had a bath bomb book that has lots of recipes a ideas, but really I am just using the basic recipe and […]

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