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Violet turns 1

Posted 4 years ago

I cant believe my baby is a baby no more. She is officially a toddler. I am not going to blather on about how emotional I am because anyone who has had a child knows how this feels, and anyone who doesn’t will never fully understand. What I am going to do is show you […]

Weekend Baking: Blue Ombre Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Posted 5 years ago

As promised here is my blue ombre Fathers Day Cake. The cake its self is Bulk Barn White Cake mix that I tinted with Wilton gel colours. I know its not as fancy to use box mix and such a plain one but I have 3 reasons. 1) I like plain cakes. Chocolate or Vanilla, […]

Weekend Baking: Sugar Pin wheel Cookies

Posted 5 years ago

This weekend I decided to do some test baking for my daughters 2nd Birthday Party coming up on July 1. It also worked well that this was fathers day weekend so I could give some to my husband and father as a gift. SO instead of doing everything in pink orange and yellow (the colours […]

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