Birthday Rainbow Bunting DIY

Posted 5 years ago

OK so it just under 5 months till my big girls 3rd birthday so obviously i am deep in planning diy mode. Yea I’m that crazy person. Nice to meet you. I have settled on a rainbow birthday  but mostly just rainbow colours. Rainbow cake, and cookies, rainbow flowers and doilies. 
I have started with a simple and totally stunning felt bunting garland. 

Ill be honest I have made a tone of them. the smallest triangles thus far are 1.2″ x 1″ and the biggest are 4″ long 3.5″ wide, and several in between.  You have to decide first, how big you want them to be and how they will be proportioned. a 1″x1″ will result in a more squared squat flag, but if its 1″ x 1.25″ then you will have a longer more visually appealing bunting. 
Start by cutting strips in the length you desire. These ones are 2″ wide by just over 2″ tall so I cut 2″ and a bit strips. out of a standard felt sheet from the craft store 1 2″ strip will yield 11 flags. 
Next mark off the cut reference points. every 2 inches off setting the bottom by 1 inch so the marks are in the centre of the others. 

Next is to cu. you will be cutting from point to point, I chalked it out to make it more clear and for your reference.  Cut all your colours and the time to break out the glue. 
Depending on the look and permanence, you could sew it together with a narrow seam binding tape at the top. or just sew them together along the top. I wanted to use a grey bakers twine so I just glued them using Weldbond white glue. fabric glue would probablybe a better choice, but I just went with what I had lots of on hand. 
For some of them I wanted space between each flag where I  could hang some small photos of my daughter through out the years family photos etc from clothes pins which i am back and forth on whether I am going to paint coordinating colours, or leave plain. 

Now some Glamour shots:

its not perfect but its pretty good. I have gotten many runs of flag from  a single $0.50 piece of felt, the string I used coloured but easily could be replaced by regular kitchen twine for something cheaper.
I have made a bevy of these with flag width ranging between the tiny 1″ and the big 3.5″. I plan on using them all over the house inside, and across table fronts outside. Last year we had quite the wind so I know a lot of them outside could be a problem. I am hoping to make a crazy amount so that I can have it everywhere, but at the same time I want other decorations so that its not just a bunting party. might make some paper circles too, and hopefully felted balls.

Happy Crafting! 

Bakers Twine Crafty Steals Craft Basics
Felt: Michaels

Glue: Home Hardware

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