Baby Gifts Part 2

Posted 4 years ago

Click here for Part 1 of baby gifts. 

OK so finally we have had the shower and my sister in law has received her gifts and I can share them with you. I made 2 sets of hats and booties. this one is bigger for winter with ear flaps, mitts and booties. The other set I made I gave to them in hospital and obviously was not smart enough to take picture of ahead of time.

I grabbed and inexpensive frame from the dollar store and made this picture mat out cardstock on my silhouette cameo. Its a simple craft that took me a while to figure out how to do, having to group and weld and weld again.

Admittedly I bought a lot of fabric to make a bunch of bibs and never did it. made these 2 identical ones out of some scraps from making something else when I was making that something else. I just don’t have it in me to do some sewing lately. Maybe baby B will get it for Christmas?

I also sewed this crib sheet. Its a car theme casue my brother is a serious car/truck guy. I have fabric to make another but again maybe for chirstmas. or maybe Ill use it for something entirely different.

To keep it all in for all these months I have been making it and as a gift and to store it all I also got this handy toy/laundry bin for them. I also purchased a few muslin blankets and some clothes, which are cute but I didn’t craft so I am not showing.

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