Baby Gifts. Part 1

Posted 4 years ago

OK so as you may know I have not been able to share the bulk of the work I have been doing because they are gifts for my new nephew and my Sister In Law has not had her shower yet. HOWEVER, I went over and took some photos of him and took along some of the things I had made as props. SO now she has seen them and now I can show!

Single Crochet Chevron Blanket.

I did not have a pattern for this blanket, I just started and worked on it as I knew how.

You need to chain in multiples of 10.  *Single Crochet first 4 stitches, single crochet 3 times in next stitch, single crochet next 4 skip 2 stitches, repeat patter from * all the way across. At the end of a row, to move up you chain 2 (counts as first stitch) skip next, single crochet next 3, single crochet 3 times in next stitch,  then single crochet next 4 stitches, skip 3 and conttinue on as you had before form * onward.

I used 3 different blues, 1 green and a variegated blue and green yarn. all different brands, some thicker than others, acrylic yarn.

And here it is on him. its aprox 30″ by 30″.

I also made what I think is an adorable little teddy bear. This one I had a proper pattern for. I used Lion Brand (again) Panda Pattern, but didn’t make it a panda.  I am not entirely sure Laura knew this was for baby B. If not SURPRISE Laura!

I made some other photo props, Ill share with you later!

Happy Crafting

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