A Tutu or Two

Posted 5 years ago

SO i decided to make a little newborn tutu for when this baby will have her newborn photos. I had seen some YouTube Videos on making no sew tutu using elastic, and using a crochet headband. So I decided to give it a try and off to Etsy I went in search of rolls of tulle. I found Dana’s Crafts and ordered 1 roll each of fuchsia, pink, orange, peach and yellow. I figured I would make a little one for new baby and a bigger one for Evelyn. I figured they could wear them in the newborn photos, for playing dress up and maybe as a part of a Halloween costume. I thought the easiest method would be to make one for the babe on a crochet headband, so I ordered some of them too from Red4Short. I thought I would use the elastic with ribbon sewn on the end for Evelyn as I could have it grow with her as she got bigger. 
Both orders came in a timely manner and I got down to business making it last night. 
Tutu 1

The Colours. Years ago I decided when I have children each child will have an assigned color for organization reason. Notes left for said child, towels, lunch bags etc would all be by a colour making for easy identification. Who left their wet towel on the bathroom floor? Easy to tell when its all colour coordinated. Or at least that’s the theory. So Evelyn is Pink I decided I wanted a fun coordinating colour for this baby girl since they will be sharing a room, so I decided on orange.

What does this have to do with the tutu’s? Well Evelyn’s would be mostly pink with touches of orange and yellow, and baby girl would be mostly orange with touches of pink and potentially yellow.

I Started with the headband for baby girls tutu and did a layer of peach on the bottom, then did a layer of fuchsia and orange in the middle and topped it with a layer of the light pink. I used pieces of tulle that were 8.5″ long folded over and knotted. I have to say I don’t love it as much as I hoped. the light pink is way to light, almost reads as white in the photos.

Also the headband stretched out from being 12″ to more like 16″ which is HUGE for a little newborn, it fits Evelyn, the giant 2 year old. 
A great video on making these tutu on the headband can be found below. They also show rapping the tulle around a piece of cardboard the right size for easy cutting and I have to say it works wonderfully.  I did not use as big of a headband as they did as I did not want it to be a tutu with top, just a regular tutu. I also spaced out my rows more to give it a fuller look. 

Tutu 2

SO I decided to remake it using a piece of elastic and ribbon tied to the end. I set a pattern of fuchsia, orange, peach, fuchsia, orange, peach etc. its much more manageable in size for a newborn. I used 10″ of elastic, though  I wish I had used 9″ instead it will be fine I think. I used the same size of tulle as the first one, 8.5″.

I love the pattern it makes around the elastic.  Its petite and adorable. 
Another video you can reference for making a one on elastic is found here. The paper towel roll trick works well. 
Tutu 3
This is Evelyn’s Tutu and its not done. I ran out of Fuchsia, So I just ordered more, plus hot pink and coral. The bottom layer is all fuchsia, the middle is the light pink alternated with yellow, and the top will be fuchsia and either coral, or hot pink, and or some orange. Ill decide once I get it all. 

This one is considerably longer each piece being 22″ long folded in half and knotted.  I don’t know if she will wear it a lot. I had her try on tutu 1 to see if it fit and it did but she said its scratchy. I will try it on her some other time when she has a longer shirt on. The first one is defiantly scratchier feeling since it is so short but hopefully she will like this one.  I am thinking I will get her some pink wings and make a wand for her and she can be a fairy for halloween. I am thinking maybe the same thing for baby girl, but ill make some pin on wings  that i will pin to the baby wrap I will be carrying her in and tie the tutu around that. Or not. Ill see how I feel. 

Happy Crafting! 
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  1. May 16, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    they were 6″ wide.

  2. Anonymous
    May 16, 2013 at 7:59 am

    How wide we’re the pieces of tulle?


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