3 Stitch Knit Scarf

Posted 5 years ago

Today I knit a scarf. It wasn’t too hard given its only 3 stitches per row. I have had this yarn for probably close to 2 years. I have no idea the company, the yarn, the car instructions. Nothing. Labels are gone. I started it and wasn’t loving it so I stopped. Today I decided to pull it back and start again. I probably worked on it for 4 hours. 

Its an interesting net like lacy yarn. My husband says it looks like I sewed some rags together…..
I have my daughter modelling it for several reasons. 1) I have not had a hair cut in some time so that shit is bananas. 2) I have pregnancy acne. 3) I am wearing a night gown all day today as I just couldn’t face wearing pants on the belly today. So ME being a model would men a lot of work to make myself up and then I would have to depend on my husband to take the photos and he is the King of blurry and out of focus photos. I have a great one and only one shot of me and my daughter on the plan on her first plane ride where instead of us being in focus the window behind us is in focus and we are blurry…..

So here are some shots with my daughter and the scarf. I added a few cause I could not decide which I liked best. Also these are the faces she makes when you ask her to smile.

Then I asked her if I could have it to take some photos. That was no go so I explained that she could have it back after I was done.  She was OK with that but didn’t trust me enough to take her hand off it, hence her hand in all the photos.

Life with a toddler is grand. At least now that she is almost 2 she understands a bit better! 

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