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Hot Chocolate Gifts

I don’t drink coffee. Black Juice from Hell as my father would call it. I don’t drink Tea. The smell of it is nauseating to me. But I DO LOVE Hot Chocolate! I made some for Christmas Gifts along with those Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows. Its Simple, relatively inexpensive and personable.  I combined 2 different recipes that were ok and made 1 really good recipe […]

Wrap It Up! Gift Packaging

This simple gift wrap idea takes minimal time and looks great! using basic white or craft paper gift bags from the dollar store, some stamps and basic acrylic craft paint. Generally I prefer to wrap gifts in paper as it is funner to wrap and I like the look better, BUT sometimes you need a bag to […]

Quick Gift. 30 Sucks

 Quick Post for a quick gift idea. This is another pinterest idea, but I saw it using Tootsie Pops, the more refined of all suckers, but she is a vegan and they contain milk powder so that was out. Simple dollar store box with foam in the bottom, and some thing to cover it up […]

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