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Into The Darkness

I have accepted that my husband is a Trek geek. I accepted that when we met, took it as a passing note. Over the years I have learnt the depth of that darkness. He knows more about Star Trek than anyone I have ever met. If I, for some unknown reason, had ANY question related […]

Kids Toy Storage Bench

When I moved in I loved our big window, but it was kinda a pain. Too low to put anything under it, and too short for an Ikea solution. Which is originally what I thought, oh they will have something at Ikea that will fit there. They do not.  I wanted around the same width […]

Violet turns 1

I cant believe my baby is a baby no more. She is officially a toddler. I am not going to blather on about how emotional I am because anyone who has had a child knows how this feels, and anyone who doesn’t will never fully understand. What I am going to do is show you […]

Baby Party for Baby B

This week I am just going to share some photos from Baby B’s Welcome to the world party, I made some of the food, not the cupcakes or cake, and will be sharing some info on it next week when I talk about Violets first birthday. 

Baby Gifts Part 2

Click here for Part 1 of baby gifts.  OK so finally we have had the shower and my sister in law has received her gifts and I can share them with you. I made 2 sets of hats and booties. this one is bigger for winter with ear flaps, mitts and booties. The other set […]

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