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Chocolate Ganache Tart

Quick Simple Post for a quick simple desert. This tart is fast to make, easy, and so good and fancy that people with think you slaved over it for hours. Crust1 1/2C Chocolate Crumbs (Oreo Crumb) 1/4C Unsalted Butter Melt butter and combine with crumbs. Press into tart pan (I used a small pie plate really), and […]

The Door Dilemma

So as some of you might know my family moved last year. This move included much reno including but not limited to ripping out and replacing the kitchen, tub surround, and vanity. We also replaced the furnace had the house rewired blew in more insulation and have ordered windows. Pretty much everything you can do […]

Birthday Rainbow Bunting DIY

OK so it just under 5 months till my big girls 3rd birthday so obviously i am deep in planning diy mode. Yea I’m that crazy person. Nice to meet you. I have settled on a rainbow birthday  but mostly just rainbow colours. Rainbow cake, and cookies, rainbow flowers and doilies.  I have started with a simple and […]

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