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Valentines Tea for Two

So all us Pinners out there have seen it. The DIY painted porcelain projects that look so good just using a marker. simple, good looking, great gift. Well here it is one step further.  this design was inspired from looking at Martha Stewart’s Version and made this pair for my husbands Grandparents for Christmas, but this would make a lovely valentines gift.  […]

Chalk boards and Dry Erase Board

Lots has been going on, as I sit an write this my butt is totally frozen because its freezing out and we just got back from going to the mail and  its currently -13 feels like -23 and its windy so its deep in the bones! Today I am going to show you a couple of small projects […]

My Winter Wreath

OK so I know Christmas is over and all that, and no one is going to run out and buy a wreath but I wanted to share it because waiting till next year will be no good as I will likely have something different as I generally get a real wreath (go boxwood!). So here it is, […]

Kitchen Organization

This Christmas with a newborn has been absolutely nuts! I made all most all of my gifts this year which means I have LOTS of content for you but most being a gift I feel like I should maybe hold them until next year. Cant decide yet. SO I am going to start off this year by showing you some of […]

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