Monthly Archives: June, 2012

Weekend Baking: Blue Ombre Cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

As promised here is my blue ombre Fathers Day Cake. The cake its self is Bulk Barn White Cake mix that I tinted with Wilton gel colours. I know its not as fancy to use box mix and such a plain one but I have 3 reasons. 1) I like plain cakes. Chocolate or Vanilla, […]

Weekend Baking: Sugar Pin wheel Cookies

This weekend I decided to do some test baking for my daughters 2nd Birthday Party coming up on July 1. It also worked well that this was fathers day weekend so I could give some to my husband and father as a gift. SO instead of doing everything in pink orange and yellow (the colours […]

3 Stitch Knit Scarf

Today I knit a scarf. It wasn’t too hard given its only 3 stitches per row. I have had this yarn for probably close to 2 years. I have no idea the company, the yarn, the car instructions. Nothing. Labels are gone. I started it and wasn’t loving it so I stopped. Today I decided to pull it back […]

I Can Craft That: Hand Knit Throw Blanket

So while I was in the hospital in 2010 I was trying to think of something to give my brother for his wedding. My brother is the guy who has just about everything and enough money to get what he wants. For my wedding he got me a sofa as we did not have one. […]

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