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Paper Circle Garland

I have been slowly working on decorations for baby girls birthday party. Well that’s not true. I started working on things, in particular this garland then stopped working on anything and started other projects. But I better get back in gear soon as her birthday is July 1 and the only thing I want to work on […]

How to fix a Hardened Brush

So if you follow me on facebook (which you totally should here) you will know that I posted about a month ago that another brush had bit the dust. I had done some painting but apparently not gotten all of the paint out of the brush leaving it crunchy, clumpy and crusty.  wa wa I though […]

I Can Craft That: Hemming Curtains

So window coverings and I have had an agreement for some years. They are difficult and I agree not to argue with that. For years we lived in apartments where the windows go right to the ceiling and right in a corner. How in the world is one to install window coverings when the ceiling is concrete and there […]

Made it onto Ikea Hackers

Just a quick post to share with you that my Ikea table Enhancement made it onto Ikea Hackers! Go check it out!

I Can Craft That: Diaper Clutch

When we are going out for a long period of time or to someone’s house I generally take my daughters large diaper bag which houses diapers, soother, change of clothes etc. However if I am just running out, going for a walk, dr apt etc I take my diaper clutch. I got a cosmetic bag from a grocery super store. Sparkly and […]

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